About Pangolin

Pangolin Laser Systems Inc. is a multi-national organization, having offices in the United States, Central Europe, and Mainland China. Thus, the sun never sets on Pangolin…

Pangolin, founded in 1986, is a world leader in the laser display industry. The company’s flagship software/hardware product, Lasershow Designer 2000, is the world’s leading system for creating and presenting laser light shows.

Pangolin has been an active member of the International Laser Display Association since 1990, and a top-level sponsor of the annual ILDA Conference since 1995. Pangolin has won over 20 international awards for technical excellence and innovation, including a technical achievement award for LASORB in 2009.

How LASORB was developed

In June 2008, Pangolin was tasked with developing a laser diode driver for an aerospace application. Reliability was a key factor. In researching the issue of ESD protection, Pangolin’s President and CTO, William R. Benner, Jr., evaluated all of the techniques listed elsewhere at this website — and found problems with all of them. Benner had previous experience working in the field of RF propagation, so he approached the problem from an RF perspective. In doing so, LASORB was developed and extensively tested.

Patent and trademark information

  • LASORB includes technologies on which utility models have already been issued, and on which patents are pending in the United States and internationally.
  • Pangolin is a registered trademark of Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc., within the United States and internationally.
  • LASORB is a trademark of Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc.