ESD polarity terminology used on this web site

The term “positive-ESD” is used to mean electrostatic discharge (ESD) whose voltage polarity would tend to forward-bias a laser diode. “Negative-ESD,” means ESD whose voltage polarity would tend to reverse-bias a laser diode.

Review of ESD approaches




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Review of ESD approaches

Introduction: Common ESD protection approaches

There are several ESD protection means commonly employed for the purpose of protecting laser diodes. In order to locate the protection means close to the laser diode, these protection means are often embodied within a “head” that may be located remotely from the laser diode driver circuitry.
This section, “Review of ESD approaches”, describes common ESD protection means, and why they are usually not effective. To continue to the next page in this section, simply click on the green “Simple resistor” text, underneath the amber word “NEXT” (above).