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LASORB Helps to Improve the Laser Diode Market

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The industrial laser market is seeing unparalleled growth, and much of this is being attributed to the reduction in cost of laser diodes, and the new “direct diode approach” to building laser modules and systems. Due to this vastly expanding technology, their is a growing demand across a wide variety of industries, for products and systems that utilize laser technology.

As a result of this industry growth the LASORB product line is growing in popularity as well, with more and more prestigious companies using LASORB to protect the laser diodes in the products they manufacture. LASORB is such a game changer for laser diodes, that is has drawn the attention of Laser Systems Europe Magazine (one of the laser industries leading publications).

In the latest edition of Laser Systems Europe Magazine, they discuss the vastly expanding laser diode market, and interview LASORB Chief Operating Officer Justin Perry, to gain insight into why the laser diode market is growing, why the “direct diode approach” is better, and how LASORB is helping to contribute to the growth of the laser diode market overall.

You can read the full article in Laser Systems Europe Magazine, by clicking here: http://content.yudu.com/A2we40/LSESUMMER14/resources/36.htm


LASORB – Protection for Laser Diodes Explained


We’ve just returned from the 2014 Photonics West Exhibition in San Francisco, where we showcased the latest developments coming from our LASORB product line, including new LASORB components optimized to protect GREEN laser diodes, like those made by the company OSRAM. We also compiled a short video from the show, which discusses LASORB, and explains how the product works and the advantages it can give you as both a consumer or manufacturer of laser equipment. If you have any questions on LASORB, or would like additional information, email us (contact@lasorb.com), we are happy to help!